Säkaphen Si14e Lined Pipework showing Hydrophobic Qualities

For over 50 years Lithgow Saekaphen have specialised in the application of a wide range of high performance synthetic lining and coatings to all types of plant and equipment to protect against corrosion, abrasion and fouling. 

The lining systems vary from thin, highly sophisticated stoved linings with excellent superior chemical and temperature resistance through to conventional cold cured coatings, based on epoxies, elastomeric urethanes, glass flake filled and glass fibre / cloth reinforced resin based systems. In addition metal spraying using both zinc and aluminium are available.

Lithgow Saekaphen hold exclusive sole UK applicator rights for the Säkaphen range of linings, manufactured in Germany.

Services are available both in-house and on-site throughout the UK and beyond.

Säkaphen Si57e Lined Heat Exchanger
Calvinac HR800 Lined BNFL Fuel Skips
Calvinac HR360T Lined Vessel
Säkaphen Si14e Lined Hydrochloric Acid Vessel
Elastomeric Polyurethane Coated Tubeplates with Glassflake Waterboxes
Application of Elastomeric Polyurethane
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